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Topiary Pots

Topiary Pot:

with embossed topiary motif

close up topiary pot

41/2"height 7" rim 31/2 inch base $28 dollars

Care and Feeding: Treat your topiaries as you would any other household plant. Allow for good air circulation and keep the humidity level high by spritzing them often with a mister.

Feed them according to their natural cycle - sparingly from Thanksgiving to Easter (their winter dormancy), then no more than once every six weeks, beginning with the spring growing season. Allen Haskell, horticulturist, recommends an organic fertilizer such as Electra 5-10-3. It's chemical free so there's no salt buildup on the pot. Or you can use fish emulsion, if you don't mind the smell.

If your Topiary Droops: Slip its pot into a large vat of water. Leave it there until no more bubbles escape (about 20 minutes); remove and drain.

Prune your topiary year round to keep its compact shape, trimming off unruly, wiry ends.

Topiaries are top heavy. Give them support by tying with raffia to a slender bamboo stake. Retie as your plant grows taller.

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