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Shell Pots

Examples of Shell Pots

Italianate Pot & Tom Pot
left med Italianate pot w/scallop $30 right med tom pot W scallop $24 white clay

Large Urn (highbred)
terracotta large urn(highbred) w/ scallop $34

Large Urn
parchment large urn w/ scallop

Tom Pots
two medium tom pots one scallop one starfish $24

Custom Large Urn
custom xxlarge in white urn with scallop $75

Waved Rim Urn
xxlarge waved rim urn in white with shells $75

Standard Flowerpot
6" standard flowerpot in white w/ scallop $32

Waved Rim Pots

Scallop Shell Pot and other

These Waved Rim Pots are wonderful accents in sea side homes and cottages, or in your nautical theme bathrooms and kitchens.
Available in white or red clay.

small: $22 dollars (5" height, 7" rim, 4" base)
medium: $26 dollars (6" height,8" rim, 5" base)
large: $ 34 dollars (7" height, 9" rim, 5.5" base)

all pots are available with matching saucers.

Wall Pockets

Small: 4.5" x 4.5" $22
Medium: 5.5 " x 5.5" $28
Large: 7" x 7" $36

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