Clay Trout Potteries paperwhite bowls come in three colors:



and white
Paperwhites in a bowl

You can grow paperwhites indoors between October 1st. and April 1st. Once the paperwhites are planted, they will be in full bloom in approximately 10 to 14 days with a lovely cluster of white blossoms that give off a wonderful fragrance.

To Plant and Grow:
Fill 2/3 of the bowl with pebbles and place the bulbs firmly on top of the pebbles. Next add water so that it reaches a little above the level of the bulbs. maintain that water level by watering once a day.

Proper Light:
Place bowl in as bright a light as possible at normal room temperatures. If you are not going to plant them for some time, leave the bulbs in a cool, dark place. Avoid putting the bulbs near any heat source. They do best in temperatures below 70 degrees.


paperwhites in bloom

Clay Trout Pottery's
Paperwhite Bowls

Price: $36 dollars each

Clay Trout Pottery
Kim Barry
67 Acushnet Road
Mattapoisett, Ma. 02739

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