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Holiday Ideas

Paper White Containers

Paperwhites in a bowl

These lovely oval glazed containers are the perfect compliment for your holiday paper whites. They come in white, blue and green. The image on the left links to more information about both the pots and how to grow paper whites.

Amaryllis Containers

Amaryllis Pot

These handsome containers are available with the amaryllis or alone. The image on the left links to more information both about the pot, and planting instructions for growing beautiful and healthy amaryllis.

Orchid Pots

Orchid Pot

Clay Trout Pottery offers several choices of orchid pots. One is designed specifically for the Paphiopedilum orchid by Kim and orchid specialist Mariko Kawaguchi of Donaromas Nursery in Edgartown Ma.
The image on the left links to more information about these beautiful pots and planting tips.

Holiday Tiles

Orchid Pot Clay Trout Pottery now offers a colorful assortment of carved, hand glazed tiles with holiday themes. Wonderful as both decorative accents and holiday gifts. Each tile has a wire loop in the back so that it can be hung individually.



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