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Customized logo/monogram pots add a special, personalized touch to your business, wedding, reunion or anniversary.

The logos can be designed by you or by Clay Trout Pottery for you and can be applied to any of Kim Barry's pot designs. Logo/monogram pots can be made in either the terracotta or white clay. She suggests that these simple flower pots shown below make elegant personalized containers. The image below links to more information about these pots.

Row of Simple Flower Pots

Ordering your customized logo/monogram pot:

Please email or mail a clear black and white design of your logo to Clay Trout Pottery. There is a one time charge of $30 to make the handle mount stamp used to emboss the logo into the clay. Clay Trout can design a logo or monogram for you for a charge of $30. Call 508-758-9325 and ask to speak to Kim.

Below are some examples of logos and monograms.

Logos using initials

logos using images

geometric designs

Please add $4 dollars to the price of each personalized pot for the special logo or monogram.

Tom Pot with logo
Personalized Tom Pot with logo
White wine cooler with logo
Customized White wine cooler with monogram


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