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Clay and patina


This white clay is mixed with a percentage of sand which makes it porous so that the clay can breath . This provides a good growing environment for the root ball. The white clay is coated with a patina of colored clay, hand rubbed and then fired in the kin. This gives the pots a rich mossy "aged" look which enhances its beauty.

The example on the right is a custom Cachepot with a rose embellishment.

custom white clay Cachepot


This surface treatment creates a rugged, "old world", look to the terra cotta pots. The finish is applied to the wet clay, dried and then fired to give a durable unique finish.

The example on the right is a Tuscan style pot. It comes in three sizes priced at $20, $24, and $30 dollars. The image on the right links to a page with specifics about the pot.

amerylis pot with old world finish


Pots made of this black clay make excellent environments for orchid growing. This clay is fired to a higher temperature and is very fine grained and less porous than terra cotta, therefore, the pots don't dry out as fast. Also its subtle dark color makes an elegant compliment to your orchid or other plants.

The example on the right is an orchid paph pot. 32 dollars. The image links to a page with specifics about orchid pots.

black clay paph orchid pot


True terra-cotta "breathes" allowing water to evaporate from the outside of the pot, keeping the root ball cool in hot weather and acquiring a beautiful patina with time. This rich red clay is a beautiful traditional compliment to your plants.

The example to the right is a large custom terra cotta urn. The image on the right links to a page with specifics about custom pots.

terra cotta urn

TERRA COTTA with Mossy aged finish

The mossy patina accentuates the details of the pot giving it a rustic aged look.

terra cotta urn


This is a mocha clay which is hand rubbed with a golden brown beeswax. A truly elegant subtle finish that enhances details of the pot while making it less porous. Great for orchids!

terra cotta urn

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