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Tuscan pot with amaryllis

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Amaryllis Pots

Amaryllis Pots
Tuscan Pot closeup

Price per pot $34 (7" height, 7.5" rim, 5"base)

Amaryllis Bulbs

Native to South America, amaryllis bulbs are stored with tremendous floral energy. To bring your winter home to life just follow these easy instructions:
1.Plant bulbs upright covered two thirds with soil in Clay Trout Pot.
2. Place container in a warm room immediately after planting.
3. Water with luke-warm water. (cold water will delay blooming)
Keep watered but not soggy.
4.The bulb should bloom in 6-10 weeks. Be patient.
5. Rotate regularly to keep stalks up-right.
6. Trim back dying stalks as the bulb continues to bloom.

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